Dzhigitovka ! 
( "Jiggy - toff - ka" ) 


The Dzhigits of the Cossack people are the legendary warriors on horseback, masters of sword, throwing knives, pistol, archery, lance and outstanding gymnastic skills - all of course from the back of a galloping horse!  
The Stampede Stunt Company members now travel regularly to Russia to be instructed, train and compete at The World Dzhigitovka Championships in Moscow for Team GB against the outstanding Cossack horsemen as The British Dzhigitovka Team.  
The British team are the only British team affliated to The International Equestrian Dzhigiovka Federation, I.E.D.F, in Russia. 
This means we work and train to their exacting high standards and are honoured to sit on the committee of the I.E.D.F for Britain. 
We are proud to therefore be able to bring to the UK show circuit a spectacular, military percison, fast action packed Trick Riding and Weapons show performing authentic, traditional Cossack Dzhigit skills, different to any other show in the UK today. With modern exciting Slavic music, performance stunt horses and top professional riders coming from around the world to ride here in the UK alongside the British team, Dzhigitovka! provides breathtaking, family entertainment that is simply unforgettable. 
For the first time time in history the Russian Cossack riders will ride alongside the British team here in the UK in a truly splendid performance. 
This show brings you: 
Military Weapons drills and skills - cutting and slicing with razor sharp Cossack Shashka swords  
Horseback Archery 
Coloured Smoke flares 
Cossack Trick Riding with brand new stunts unseen in the UK direct from Russia 
Roman Riding on not just 2 horses but then 3 and even 4 
Blind folded tricks 
Trick riding ups a gear as the team jump over a jump in a trick 
The team can also jump fire whilst still in a trick 
Horses and riders Jumping over people! 
The only British team performing a full size pyramid for our grand finale of the 'Human Pyramid on horseback' 


Beautiful costuming, fantastic exciting music arrangement, Roman Riding, visual effects, Trick Riding, multiple weapons, military drills, stunts and thrills - this unforgettable and outstanding Spectacular cannot be seen outside of Russia and neighbouring traditional Cossack countries. 
There is no other show on the circuit like it! 


2 x 30 mins performances each day or 1 x 45 min show. 
Contact us for quote - on 01442 462715 or via our Contact us form. 


"I would like to thank you all for such an utterly brilliant stunt show yesterday. It was fascinating from start until the finish and I didn't want it to end. (Even my dog was spellbound, her head was turning this way and that so she didn't miss anything). You are all fantastic. I am usually very restless and don't watch entertainment but I was mesmerized. So thank you very much for a great time,you are all at one with your horses with a confidence very rarely seen. I'd love to have even a tenth of your ability. I hope you all continue to succeed and return to Suffolk again. "